SePem 100 / 150

The noise recorder for monitoring water pipe networks is durable, convenient and easy to use. It can also be reliable.

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Product Details

Detects water loss early

               A leak in a water pipe network can result in significant water losses. Thanks to systematic network monitoring with SePem® data loggers, you can reliably identify existing leaks and detect new ones early. which is much faster than conventional methods.

Systematic leak detection

              The SePem® system includes a SePem® 01 Master receiver plus any number of data loggers. The SePem® 100s are better suited for mobile applications, while the SePem® 150s are designed for permanent use. They attach by magnet to the valve stem extension. or with a water dispenser or other joints in the pipe network The microphone integrated in the recorder converts the structured sound of the in-line into audio signals. This information is recorded cyclically during times of low consumption – usually at night between about 2am and 4am, when there is very little, if any, noise in the surrounding area. The sound level measured during this period was almost zero. If there is a leak in the pipeline The noise recorder measures values to zero, indicating leakage.

SePem® 100: Data Logger for Mobile Applications

              The SePem® 100 data logger with integrated antenna is ideal for mobile applications in pipe networks. It is placed on a joint at a measuring point in a designated part of the network. and record levels for programmable intervals during the night. This usually takes half an hour. The loggers will be collected the next day. The measurement data is sent to the SePem® 01 Master by radio. Noticeably high measurement values indicating a leak are immediately flagged with an audible signal. This is a reliable way to detect existing leaks. The data loggers are then continuously inserted into other parts of the network until the entire network is monitored.

SePem® 150: Security is permanently verified.

              The SePem® 150 data logger is designed for monitoring stationary water supply networks. Equipped with an external antenna and permanently attached to the device, the SePem® 150s record lows nightly for programmable periods such as half an hour. Locations are patrolled at regular intervals, such as daily or weekly. When the noise recorder sends data to the SePem® 01 Master, unlike the mobile application, there is no comparison of the absolute levels of the two measuring points. But the relative change in level at the point of measurement means that new leaks can be identified quickly.


Durable technology you can trust.

              – The data logger has a high degree of protection IP68. The housing is made of tried and tested stainless steel and specialty plastic. This also applies to pump housings used in wastewater treatment. This makes SePem® 100 and SePem® 150 completely waterproof and dustproof. Resistant to corrosion and other stresses and suitable for use in all environments.

              – With years of battery life, the SePem® 100s and SePem® 150s are long lasting and ready for any task.

reliable and efficient

              – The SePem® 100 and SePem® 150 data loggers feature highly sensitive piezo microphones. It is specially optimized for leak detection and can capture noise over very long distances.

              – Information can be read easily with a two-way radio. In the case of a permanently installed SePem® 150 recorder You don’t need to open the cover. Just drive using SePem® 01 Master to record data.

              – same as lowest level The transmitted telegram consists of the amplitude and frequency of the noise. and clearly displayed on the screen. The SePem® 01 Master offers additional options for monitoring measurement results, e.g. soundproofing e.g. rain, traffic, power lines, etc.

              – During patrol The entire data set containing the plot of the last measurement can be retrieved at the push of a button from any SePem® 150 recorder in addition to the data telegraph. Again, it is not necessary to open the manhole cover to obtain all this data. A short pause within the radio range of the SePem® 150 is sufficient.

convenient to use

               – The online measurement function allows you to take current measurements on site which can be displayed on the SePem® 01 Master, for example, meaning that you can check the suitability of the measurement points during the day at the time of installation. before the actual measurement at night or set the appropriate installation time Alternatively, you can verify the accuracy of measurement data collected overnight directly on site.

              – Measurement time and radio activity interval can be programmed independently.

               – SePem® 01 Master with simple and intuitive menu navigation Provides fast and reliable results And it can be operated reliably by less experienced users.