Gas leak detectors for detecting leaks in gas installations and joints within buildings.

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Product Details

          The SNOOPER mini is a rugged and ideal gas leak detector for checking accessible gas pipes for external leak tightness. Leakage is determined by detection at connection points such as fittings, flanges, threaded joints and gas regulators. Gas concentrations are displayed in the ppm range. House wiring and gas pipes hidden in enclosed spaces at vents can also be checked.


          – Two devices: SNOOPER mini > with flexible swan neck (length: 22 cm) and SNOOPER mini H > with hand sensor (strand cord, handle, flexible swan neck).

          – Equipment for methane, propane and hydrogen gases

          – Replaceable sensor filter

          – Very fast startup time

          – Audio signals: options depending on intensity and disabling.

          – The LCD screen lights up during operation.

          – High performance, low price