Aquaphon A 150

Water leak detection device The medium size is ideal for use in small spaces, with premium microphone technology and a compact design. with values that can be trusted.

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Product Details

             AQUAPHON® is the first class water leak detection system. Professional pre-positioning and precise leak detection are ensured by the A 150 receiver, in conjunction with the well-established microphone technology of the AQUAPHON® A 200 system, which has proven its worth countless times. Connect via high-end microphones and wireless headphones. This device impresses with its excellent broadcast quality. The display supports audio visualization for a reliable and distinct assessment.

              Small, light and convenient – the receiver wins customers with its compact and smart design. and maximum comfort when carrying with adjustable filters and automatic frequency scan This makes it possible to adjust the frequency range to suit each user’s hearing. Reduce the impact of noise interference. and optimizes sound quality for reliable assessment of leak situations.



             – Compact, lightweight, practical case with belt clip For easy portability, less effort and maximum freedom of movement.

              – High quality piezo microphone with frequency response specifically optimized for leak detection to cover all applications. ensuring easy replacement

             – Automatic frequency scanning and frequency range that can be individually adapted to the user’s hearing to reduce noise interference and optimum filter selection.

              – can be used for a long time no need to recharge with high performance rechargeable battery technology

              – Illuminated display with optimized tilt angle and auto-switching display (rotates 180°) for easy reading from receiver regardless of position