Stethophon 04

Leak detection equipment Compact size for beginners easy to carry and use in limited.

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Product Details

           Stethophon® 04 It is a listening device for detecting and amplifying sound generated by all types of structures. Provides distortion-free sound reproduction even at very low noise levels.

           In addition to the version with wired headphones An SDR version with wireless headphones is also available.  Sewerin Digital Radio (SDR) The elimination of cables greatly improves work comfort. The headphones and the device will automatically connect with the two-way radio when turned on.


         – Wireless headphones with digital transmission (SDR)

         – Auxiliary connection for external terrestrial microphone

         – 8 levels of filtering

         – Hearing protection function

         – Numerical display of the lowest pitch (0 to 1000)

         – Working time at least 8 hours

         – weight only 290 g