AquaTest T10

Test sticks for detecting electrical and acoustic water leaks outdoors.

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Product Details

           AquaTest T10 It is a test stick with innovative technology and ergonomic design. Its strength lies in the leakage in the water pipe network.

           AquaTest T10 is the first test stick produced by SEWERIN that does not require an additional receiver. Headphones are not activated by conventional buttons. but by a special sensor area The audible sound is shown on the display located in the handle.

            On product models with an SDR radio module, the test stick can be used with the radio headset. This means no more cables getting in the way.


            – Innovative combination of electronic amplifiers and test sticks without cable interference.

            – Ergonomic design makes work less tiring.

            – Sturdy construction for outdoor use.

            – Built-in rechargeable battery

            – Outstanding sound quality using high-performance microphone technology.

            – Meaningful sound visualization on display to support operators

            – No working noise in headphones due to the new sensor area

            – Adjustment of the filter bar and volume / personal hearing protection settings for optimal voice recognition.

            – There are 2 types of products to choose from.

            – with or without SDR radio module