SeCorrPhon AC 200

Water leak detection device Large size suitable for experienced users with accessories That is flexible to use and high precision.

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Product Details

              The SeCorrPhon AC 200 is a multifunctional leak detector with three functions in one: pre-locating. positioning and relationship The intelligent combination of these processes in a single system allows you to confidently locate a leak regardless of the environment. just a few inches You can switch between applications quickly and easily.


Professional level

             The SeCorrPhon AC 200’s user interface is clear and logical. Many special functions are available for complex positioning situations.

             High-quality piezo microphones with frequency response specifically optimized for leak detection and digital signal processing provide outstanding acoustic properties. with excellent sound quality and minimal noise interference. So you can reliably identify and locate leaks. Even if the sound intensity of the leakage is low or there is a lot of ambient noise.

             At the touch of a button, the SeCorrPhon AC 200 applies a filter optimized for the current sound. and will automatically select the appropriate frequency range Alternatively, you can manually set filter limits based on individual hearing. and select a frequency range that emphasizes sound leakage. This allows you to concentrate fully on the leak without the noise.

             Additionally, you have the option to record audio leaks with the built-in audio player and compare them with each other. You may use these recordings for training or demonstration purposes. or to create a sound database Helps you better assess sound leaks in your workplace


             All-in-One Devices: Advance Position positioning and relationship The clever combination of these methods in a single system allows you to confidently locate the source of a leak. regardless of environment

             The SeCorrPhon AC 200 is recommended for all users doing professional leak detection. Because it can handle everyday location situations. Can measure different sections of the pipe, pipe material, diameter and various pipe lengths easily

             with sound leak detection The current sound intensity is displayed graphically and numerically on the large, clear 5.7-inch receiver screen. Additionally, you can view previous values for better comparison. as well as the current frequency analysis of noise.


             The sophisticated firmware of the SeCorrPhon AC 200 means that the measurement sequences are almost entirely automated. Once the pipeline data has been entered and measurements have begun, all other steps are performed without operator intervention. The measured noise is continuously analyzed in the background and the most suitable filter settings are selected.

             The SeCorrPhon AC 200 guides users through various applications with instructions, meaning that even less experienced and occasional users can use the device with confidence.

              The SeCorrPhon AC 200 independently optimizes the measurement results by automatically selecting the appropriate filter. without user intervention. However, filters can also be set manually.

             One unique feature of the correlator is the result-oriented and user-friendly on-screen display of measurements. Concrete information about the location of the leak is highlighted. instead of having to interpret complex curves The quality of the calculations shown in the display provides the user with constant information about the reliability of the measurements. with a results-oriented perspective Users can take additional steps on the fly, such as voice location confirmation.

Now with improved functions:

Leak identification

             The SeCorrPhon AC 200 receiver is available with an optional built-in positioning module. The GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) module stores the current user’s location when disturbances are identified. This means that the exact geographic location of the leak can be linked to noise. Make it available for later documentation. Audio that is temporarily stored in the audio player can also be linked later to the appropriate location data once the measurement has been stored.

Optimized filter settings

             Easily and easily set the upper and lower filter limits by clicking on the graphical representation of the noise. It is also possible to manually set a fine setting in 50 Hz steps. Select the desired filter limit by pressing the button. Then set the numbers accurately.

Noise suppression

             The feature of peak inhibition facilitates optimization in situations where one area of the correlation function is selected and then suppressed. The graph is then normalized to the next smallest peak. This makes it a lot easier to identify. If more than one leak is detected within the relationship line Peak suppression can be used to separate visible peaks.

Sound speed measurement

             When measuring the speed of sound A second sound source at a known location will be generated in addition to the actual leak. Then two measurements were taken. (one with the second sound source and the other without) and used to calculate the sound velocity in the measurement section. The measurement displayed on the receiver clearly focuses on the second measurement. Paying special attention to the location of additional sound sources. The end result is a quick measurement of the speed of sound in just a few steps.

Documentation with WaterCom software

             Measurements saved on the A 200, C 200 or AC 200 receiver can be quickly and easily transferred to a computer via USB by simply connecting the receiver to the computer via cable. Measurement data will be transferred automatically.

             It is possible to set different user and client data sets in the software. The location of the location for each measurement is displayed on an online map (e.g. Google Maps). The location on the map can be edited. It means that the exact location of the radio transmitter or the damage detected by the ground microphone can be accurately determined. Notes can also be added to the measurement or damage point. This software can generate PDF files to provide paper documentation of any measurements.

             The recorded audio can be played back using the  WaterCom integrated player if the software is routinely used to record measurements. The software will start generating a useful noise database. This can then be used to train new beginners to detect leaks on what they should be listening to.